Social Responsibility

CIMC vehicles always adheres to the spirit of responsibility and responsibility and actively undertakes social responsibility. The company continues to practice low-carbon and green manufacturing, comprehensively build a high-end manufacturing system, and continuously promote the use, upgrading and updating of environmental protection equipment.
The company has set up "Light Tower" since 2014. After years of development, the company has formed a "high-end manufacturing system" with initial scale. At present, 14 “Light Tower” Plants for the production of semi-trailers, 7 “Light Tower” Plants for the production of truck bodies of specialty vehicles, and 3 “Light Tower” Plants for the production of lightweight van truck bodies. have been built at home and abroad.
The Light Tower reflects the upgrading of the company's production and manufacturing capacity. Through digital control, it can realize high-precision blanking, automatic welding, powder spraying and rhythmic assembly; Through modular design and flexible production, product quality, material utilization and production efficiency are improved. In the large-scale production, the Light Tower fully considers the corporate environmental governance and social responsibility, reduces the energy consumption and three wastes emission in the production process, and realizes the green production and manufacturing of semi-trailer and special vehicle.
While the enterprise develops, the company does not forget to give back to the society. The company continues to drive local economic development with stable tax revenue and employment opportunities; Actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, vigorously support public utilities such as education, culture and health in the operation location, and bring a positive impact on community construction; Actively implement the targeted poverty alleviation policy and use the director of CIMC to help the needy.